Compusphere 1, 1993, Fall:
The first Compusphere ever. A small party where about 60-80 people showed up, almost twice what the organisers had planed for. This Compusphere where held in the school refectory at Östrabogymnasiet in Uddevalla and was organised by the original Galaktiska Institutet.

Compusphere 2, 1994, Spring:
The same place as the first Compusphere, but bigger. About 100 people came.

Compusphere 3, 1994, Fall:
This time the location had changed to one of the halls at I17 in Uddevalla. An old military facility that aren’t used anymore. Cool place in both meanings. About all of the 130-160 people that had came were freezing their butts of. On this party some idiot where playing “Love sees no colour” by “u96” on repeat the whole party. If you read this: I HATE YOU! You made me dislike a perfectly good song.

Compusphere 4, 1995, Spring:
We moved again, back to Östrabo. But not to the refectory, but to the gymnastic halls. They used half the space for the party and the other half as a sleeping hall. They also used the sleeping hall to show movies on a 28” TV. The party hadn’t grown much, but this time there was existing heat and we didn’t have to freeze.

Compusphere 5, 1995, Fall:
Because the gymnastic hall of Östrabo had been so great the last time, Compusphere 5 was held here again. But this time they used both of the halls. The big one (the one they used the last time) as the party and sleeping local, and the little one as a tournament arena where they held competitions like mice throwing and cola crashing. About 200 people showed up and it started to feel a little crowded in the half space they used of the big hall as the party place.

Compusphere 6, 1996, Spring:
As the party had grown, they now used the entire big hall as party hall and the little one as sleeping hall. A little more than 300 people showed up, and that is about what that hall manages.

Compusphere 7, 1996, Fall:
Same as Compusphere 6.

Compusphere 8, 1997, Spring:
TOO MANY PEOPLE. About 400-500 persons showed up. No one is sure. But we had to put people in the sleeping hall, in the entrance, in the… well… everywhere. Black outs and power spikes made some of the visitors computers burn.

Compusphere 9, 1997, Fall:
We had to move. So we did. To the big (and expensive) gymnastic hall in Agnebergsgymnasiet in Uddevalla. This became the biggest Compusphere ever. 200 people prepaid, 300 people paid full price at the door, and over 200 people came and went under the party as visitors. And then we haven’t even counted the girls that went in free. We had almost 700 people registered on our voting computers. But we had some real problems with power and network.

Compusphere X (10), 1998, Fall:
We now abandon the “two times a year” policy for the “To big and too much arrangement for making two parties per year” policy. Though the party wasn’t as big as Compusphere 9, it was still better for the visitors. Bigger budget (we had a total sale of 250.000 sek) and more planning made this party almost perfect. We had no power losses and no net lags, the demos did run almost when they were intendent to and nothing was broken or destroyed. But unfortunately this party was held at the same time as the big disco-fire on Backaplan in Göteborg. We had to call in the school counsellor, organize emergency groups and put up a room with a TV that showed the news every quarter for the people with friends and relatives that had been on the disco.

Compusphere i (11), 1999, Fall:
What DIDN’T go wrong on this party? It was supposed to be a “invite only” party with the feeling of old smaller parties. It was once again held in the refectory of Östrabo and the attempt were to be a 100% scene party with only dedicated sceners and good demo releases. Instead it became the feast of the drunks. The only thing that happened inside was some gaming and leaching. And outside probably all of the 100 visitors got drunk. Some one set off an explosive charge outside the entrance and a window was blown into pieces. There also were some vandalizing on the power boxes.

Compusphere 12, 2000, Winter:
This party was thrown last minute. No one in the new crew made any attempt of arranging a party. So the old crew (that’s us) made one. A really small one, there can’t have been more than 30-40 visitors. It was held in a little gathering hall at Hyggestråket in Uddevalla. But I for one think it was a pretty neat party. Call it “bad” if you want to, but I would say “cute”.

Compusphere 13, 2002, Winter:
After a year of waiting, Orbiter and I realized that nothing where happening in Uddevalla. So we decided to take it up. But since we both moved to Göteborg we decided to arrange it in Kvibergs Kaserner in Göteborg. About 120 people came.

Compusphere 2005 – 2016

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2016 – Compusphere – 25th-27th November – CP+B, Gothenburg
2015 – GAG/Compusphere – 27th-29th November – Wartagården, Gothenburg
2014 – Compusphere – 28th-30th November – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2012 – Compusphere – 10th-11th March – House of Win-Win, Gothenburg
2010 – Compusphere – 3rd-5th December – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2009 – Compusphere – 28th-30th August – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2008 – Compusphere – 27th-29th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2007 – Compusphere – 8th-10th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2006 – Amiga Summer Party (Compusphere + AmiGBG) – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2005 – Compusphere – 17th-19th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2002 – Compusphere 13 – 26th-29th December – Kviberg, Gothenburg
2000 – Compusphere 12 – Winter – Hyggestråket, Uddevalla
1999 – Compusphere 11 – September – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1998 – Compushpere 10 – 30th-31st October – Uddevalla
1997 – Compushpere 9 – 28th-30th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1997 – Compushpere 8 – 10th May – Agnebergshallen, Uddevalla
1996 – Compusphere 7 – 8th-10th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1996 – Compusphere 6 – 10th-12th May – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1995 – Compusphere 5 – 10th-12th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1995 – Compusphere 4 – 10th-12th May – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1994 – Compusphere 3 – November – I17, Uddevalla
1994 – Compusphere 2 – Spring – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1993 – Compusphere 1 – November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla

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