Use the form below to sign up for Compusphere : 25 Years

Bring computer?

Registration code

The registration code is CS25



Confirm your registration by paying using SWISH and mark it with your handle and ticket type. Don’t forget to choose T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL). Send it to the following number and contact:

0761-332743 (Nicklas Solstrand)

handle + standard + size for a standard ticket.
handle + support + size for a support ticket (if you can’t come).
handle + sponsor if you are a sponsor.

Also, we need your payment before 7:th November to guarantee delivery of your T-shirt to the party.

Once we have a confirmed payment your ticket (and seat if you booked with a computer) will be reserved on the list. This is a manual process, so if you don’t see your ticket confirmed directly after paying, don’t worry. We check new registrations and payments several times a day so it will be updated during the day.

If you have paid your ticket and it still isn’t confirmed after 24 hours then please contact us at Also, if you want to support the party, pay today!

If you live outside Sweden you can confirm by sending an e-mail to All e-mail confirmations are binding.