You’ll find a lot of different restaurants in the area. Eat out or order a pizza and eat at the party. No matter where you eat, food is only a few minutes away 24/7. Below are a few restaurants that we can recommend which will give you a good meal for a decent price. There are also a large selection of different pubs if you fancy going out for a beer before the compos start.

  • O´learys (50 meter)
  • Haga Pizzeria (100 meter)
  • Sibylla (100 meter)
  • Hälso Sushi (100 meter)
  • Restaurang Bombay (250 meter)


If you want to stock up on soft drink, get some snus or cigaretts there are several shops in the area. Or if you need to grab a night snack you can go to 7-eleven which is open 24/7.

  • Pressbyrån (150 meter)
  • 7-Eleven – Open 24/7 (200 meter)
  • ICA Rosenlund (400 meter)


  • Järntorget (100 meter)