The party is hosted at Uncle Unicorn which is located on the fourth floor close to J√§rntoget in Gotehenburg, Sweden. It’s a communication agency spotting a really nice office space with nice lounge areas, couches, recreational activities and lots of room for us to hang out and get our DATA on. So enjoy Compusphere and play nice!

There will not be a separate sleeping hall this year (either). You can of course choose to bring an inflatable mattress and sleep wherever there is room (data style), but if you prefer staying at a hotel there are a bunch of them nearby.

We have plenty of clean toilets to freshen up, but unfortunately there’s no possibility to shower at the party.

We can also recommend that you bring headphones and earplugs since the volume during the compos can get pretty loud.

See the travel section for a selection of hotels and other accommodations.