The entrance fee will be 400 SEK (~€36). This includes a limited edition T-shirt that only visitors get, unlimited coffee, the midnight BBQ and other goodies. We have about 42 computer seats and room for about as many people without computers. So pay early to make sure that your ticket is reserved.

If you can’t come or want to sponsor the party? No problem. We have three kind of tickets that you can buy.

Ticket What you get Price
Standard Ticket Includes a limited edition T-shirt that only visitors and supporters get, unlimited coffee, midnight BBQ and other goodies. 400SEK
Supporter Ticket If you can’t come but still want to support the party. We will send you a T-shirt after the party. 400 SEK
Sponsor Ticket If you want to sponsor the party and get some recognition doing it, or if you just want to attend and support the party by paying extra. Contact us for more info!

We only accept payments over SWISH. If you live outside Sweden then please contact us at and confirm that you are indeed coming. Confirmations are binding. So if you confirm and don’t show up you still have to pay (and receive a T-shirt).

Don’t forget to specify your T-shirt size when you pay. You can choose between S, M, L, XL.

Also, we need your payment before 7:th November to guarantee delivery of your T-shirt to the party.